Common Problems Associated with Menstrual Cycle: Menstruation FAQ

problems can be varied and can make life tough. Women can easily understand and find out whether there are many menstrual cycle related disturbances or not, because they often keep tract of the dates.

The abnormal symptoms can be noted down as few recurring abnormalities need immediate medical attention. Medical history of the woman should be taken into account so as to what kind of should be provided. Few of the most commonly asked menstruation problems include:

  1. At what age first period will occur?

  2. When doest the period become painful?

  3. Is the girl sexually active during the period?

  4. Should I use birth control pills during the period?

  5. Is it common to see irregular menstrual periods?

  6. Is it good to use Tampons / Pads?

  7. Why cramps occur during period?

  8. Are there any for relieving from cramps during period?

  9. What is the creamy stuff coming out there?

  10. What are the foods to avoid during periods?

  11. What kind of foods are to be taken during menstrual period?

  12. Is it normal to feel tired during / after  a period?

  13. Should I continue doing daily exercises during periods?

  14. What causes delay and irregularities in period?

  15. Is it safe to use medicines for preponing or postposting the period?

And the list goes on. Many girls have lot of apprehensions about menstruation and hence they develop lot of queries about the same. May be because of the taboo and myths around the concept, and may be because of lower literacy rates, many women across the world tend to have many queries on menstruation unasked and unanswered.

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Check out this page to know what are the most common causes behind menstrual problems. First of all, know what is menstruation & menstrual cycle (periods)?

Remember, proper knowledge will direct you in the right way. Read here to know more about menstruation.

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